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Gene Expression

For superior sensitivity, validation rate, and cost-effectiveness in your gene expression study, try ORB's exclusive MI-Ready long-mer deposition oligo microarray service.

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RNA Sequencing

Offering mRNA and small RNA sequencing with full data analysis. A complete service package at an affordable price!

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MicroRNA Profiling

Current mirBASE 19 coverage. ORB's optimized microarray-based microRNA profiling service uses nanograms of RNA without amplification.

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Multiplex Protein Profiling

Try ORB's Custom Panel Selection tool to specify your multiplex immunassay design.

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Welcome to Ocean Ridge Biosciences

Ocean Ridge Biosciences (ORB) is a contract research laboratory that provides reliable, efficient, and innovative RNA Profiling and Multiplex Immunoassay services. ORB provides microarray-based mRNA profiling services using industry standard platforms including Affymetrix and Agilent, as well as superior long-mer oligonucleotide deposition arrays developed by Microarrays Inc. In addition, ORB offers affordable mRNA sequencing services using the Illumina NextSeq, HiSeq 2500 and 4000 instruments.

ORB's signature product is a proprietary microarray-based service for microRNA profiling. ORB's microRNA microarray is regularly updated with the latest mirBASE releases. The service has been optimized to handle a wide variety of sample types including microvesicles, serum, bronchial lavage, whole blood, and FFPE samples.

ORB's multiplex immunoassay service is based on the Luminex xMAP platform. Customers can use ORB's Custom Panel Selection Tool to design their unique assay from a wide selection of available analytes. The service includes sourcing the custom assay, sample processing, statistical analysis and graphing.


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