Agilent Microarray

Agilent Microarray

Agilent Whole Genome Microarrays

Agilent's whole genome arrays are provided as dual mode gene expression arrays (one-color or two-color) for Human, Mouse, Rat and a plethora of other model organisms. Agilent whole genome arrays are printed with Agilent's SurePrint in situ oligo synthesis technology and cover more than 41000+ human, mouse and rat transcripts & genes. Agilent whole genome arrays with functionally validated 60-mer probes (70%) and standard Agilent labeling and hybridization procedures yield excellent gene expression profiling. Scientists at ORB have great experience with Agilent protocols and Analysis tools and cater to the customers ever expanding demands. For more information about Agilent's whole genome arrays, check Agilent's Whole Genome Microarray Page.

Agilent Array

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