Business Summary

Business Summary


Company Description
ORB is a growing life science company in the research tools sector of biotechnology. Our mission is to provide accurate, affordable, and information-rich genomic services to the Health Care and Life Science industries. We are headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida, near the geographic center of a rapidly developing Life Science Cluster. Demand for high quality genomic services is steadily increasing for both research and clinical applications. ORB is capitalizing on that growth due to our capability of providing these services at attractive pricing in combination with excellent customer service.

ORB develops many of its services in close collaboration with Microarrays Inc., the industry leader in probe deposition-based microarray technology. We recently partnered with Toxikon, a well-respected pre-clinical CRO with operations in the U.S. and Europe, in order to support an expansion of available drug discovery-related services to their clients, as well as to broaden the global marketing reach of ORB. We also maintain a co-marketing arrangement with Immunosite, another South Florida-based CRO with expertise in cell-based assays and particle characterization.
At the local level, ORB participates in the biotechnology training programs offered by Palm Beach State College and the Employ Florida Banner Center. ORB is affiliated with The Scripps Research Institute in Florida through our Advisory Board as well as research collaborations.
We welcome inquiries from Life Science companies seeking product distribution or co-marketing partnerships, or OEM services. We also invite inquiries from academic institutions or corporations seeking to out-license technology related to RNA profiling or multiplex protein analysis.
Toxicon Immunosite

Research & Development
ORB staff recently coauthored studies appearing in the journals PNAS and Nature with scientists at The Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter Florida. ORB is also engaged in research collaborations with several academic institutes focused on biomarker discovery in disease areas such as neurodegeneration, cardiovascular disease, and emphysema. Our partners on these projects include research groups at Emory University, Roosevelt Hospital in New York, and the University of Miami. ORB is also developing a recently in-licensed technology for RNA sample analysis with potential research and diagnostic applications in oncology, inflammation, and neurology.

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Ocean Ridge Biosciences, LLC
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Phone: 754-600-5128
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