What is the procedure for shipping samples to ORB?
  • Please ship your frozen samples on dry ice via an overnight carrier to:
    Ocean Ridge Biosciences
    10475 Riverside Drive
    Suite 1
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
  • Include an appropriate completed sample submission sheet in a Ziploc bag list with your shipment. Sample submission sheets can be downloaded here.
  • Please email us or give us a courtesy call at 561-427-7845 to let us know your samples are on the way.
  • Forward us an electronic copy of your sample submission sheet to array@oceanridgebio.com or your ORB customer service representative.
Do you accept credit cards?

We typically bill using a purchase order number, but can also accept transactions via PayPal. PayPal allows you to add a credit card to an established account. Make sure you select this as your funding source when the transaction is made.

How do I get pricing for my project?

For protein profiling assays, please access the order form/selection tool here. Call us if you have any questions or you cannot find your targets of interest.

For other services, please send is a message via our contact form or call us at 561-427-7845 with a description of your project and include the following information:

  • The type of service you are requesting
  • The number of samples you will be submitting
  • The type of samples you will be sending (total RNA, serum, etc)
  • Your contact information including your name, address, phone and email address

We will create a quote for you based on your project needs and number of samples submitted. Typically, we can provide volume-based discounts.

What is the turn-around time for your services?

ORB offers rapid delivery of your data to you. The typical turn-around times are 5-15 business days from the date we receive your samples and purchase order in house.

Service Standard Turn-Around

MicroRNA profiling:15 business days

Protein profiling:5 business days*

Gene Expression Assays:15 business days

Sequencing20 business days

*Please allow more time for customized kits or back-ordered components.

Can I leave suggestions or comments?

Yes! Tell us how we are doing! We are always looking for feedback that will help us improve our services and enhance your research efforts. Please leave any feedback on our Contact Us page or email us at array@oceanridgebio.com.



What types of samples do you accept for protein profiling?

Standard sample types are culture media, serum, plasma, cell extract from tissue culture cells and nuclear extracts. Please inquire about guidelines for serum and plasma preparation. An additional fee may apply for processing procedures such as tissue homogenization. Call us at 561-427-7845 for a discussion prior to submitting non-standard types of samples.

Can I create a customized multiplex assay?

Yes. ORB can set up and run multiplex assays for any combination of analytes available on a single panel. All of our available panels are listed by category for easy navigation. Simply check the analytes you wish to test and submit your order to us online. A technical representative will contact you within 24-48 hours.

What if my analyte of interest is not available in a panel? Can you still test it?

In many cases, we can perform individual ELISA assays for those targets. Please inquire about your specific target.

What is the detection range for your Luminex Immunoassays?

Our assays typically can detect analytes at less than 1 pg/ml.

What is included in the service?

We run the samples in duplicate and include an 8-point curve (in duplicate). Our price includes data compilation, statistical analysis and graphing.



How many miRNA targets will be probed?
ORB's microarrays are keeping pace with the most current Version 16 of the Sanger mirBASE sequence database, which represents a major upgrade from Version 15. Our MicroRNA Microarray covers 1222 Human, 1052 Mouse and 680 Rat mature and minor form(*) microRNAs. In addition, the miRBASE V16 array also provides full coverage of the Rhesus Macaque microRNA.
What is the minimum amount of total RNA required for miRNA?

The standard requirement is at 3 micrograms of total RNA. However, ORB can work with as little as 100 nanograms of total RNA. If you are unable to provide the standard amount, please contact ORB for a discussion.

Samples should be at a concentration of 50ng/ul or above in RNAse-free water.

How should I prepare my total RNA samples?

Please ensure your RNA samples have been prepared by a method that preserves low molecular weight RNAs. ORB recommends standard Trizol-based purification modified to included an overnight precipitation at -20C

Is the Qiagen miRNeasy kit compatible with your microarray?

Yes. Investigators regularly submit samples processed with the Qiagen miRNeasy kit or Ambion?s mirVana miRNA Isolation kit.

Should the RNA samples be DNase-treated?

ORB provides DNase Digestion at no extra charge. Please be aware that some DNasing protocols may interfere with labeling or cause loss of microRNA from your samples. If you have DNase-treated your samples, please contact ORB for a discussion before submitting your samples.

Is it recommended that I check my miRNA samples with a bioanalyzer before shipping?

We typically will do a quality control check on your samples once we receive them in house. The goal of this is to verify the sample concentrations that you report and determine whether the RNA is intact. If your sample concentrations are high enough, a visual check for the 18s/28s bands on a gel is all that is needed. We only recommend a bioanalyzer check in cases that you are only able to submit very low amounts of RNA. We can perform those tests here for a fee if needed.

Can ORB perform MicroRNA assays using biofluids?

ORB offers a highly sensitive microarray-based profiling service for microRNA in biofluids such as serum, plasma, amniotic fluid and urine. Please contact ORB for pricing.

Is data analysis provided and is there an additional cost for this service?

The price of the service is comprehensive. It includes RNA sample quality testing, the option to replace any defective samples, labeling, hybridization, a data quality control report, data processing, standard statistical analysis and full results package.

In what format will I receive my data?

We will send you a full results package including the raw data and an extensive statistical analysis suite in Excel format. You will also receive a PowerPoint that will summarize the results of our data service. Briefly, this will provide you with a flow-chart about how your data was analyzed, highlight your clustering results and present your top hits.



What is the minimum amount of total RNA needed for Gene Expression Assays?

To guarantee best results please provide the following minimum amounts and concentrations:

Agilent Whole Genome Microarrays 5ug 300ng/ul
Affymetrix Gene Expression 5ug 300ng/ul
Affymetrix ST Arrays 2ug 100ng/ul
Exonic Evidence-Based Oligonucleotide (MEEBO/HEEBO) 5ug 300ng/ul
Codelink Gene Expression Bio Arrays 5ug 300ng/ul
Microarray Inc MI-Rat 5ug 300ng/ul

If you cannot provide the minimum amounts, please call us for a discussion.

What is included ORB's Gene Expression Profiling Service?

The Standard Service covers RNA sample QC, labeling, hybridization, basic data processing and quality control reporting. Statistical analysis is available for an additional fee.

We also offer custom statistical analysis service such as pathway analysis. Please inquire about custom data analysis tailored to your particular project.

What is included ORB's Gene Expression Profiling Service?

All samples should be DNase Digested, purified on an RNeasy or equivalent column and eluted in RNase-free water. Please download detailed instructions from the ORB methods page.

Important: After loading and washing samples on RNeasy columns, please spin columns dry 2 x 3 minutes at full speed in microfuge prior to RNA elution step.



What is the minimum amount of microRNA needed for small RNA Sequencing?

Optimally, we need 2ug of each microRNA sample for sequencing. However, we also offer sequencing using low input with 5ng total RNA.

Will plexing samples reduce my cost?

Yes. We can plex up to six samples per lane on the Illumina system at this time. The price per sample is typically reduced as the number of samples you combine increases. The price for sequencing includes sample preparation and data analysis.

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