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Geonomics & Science News


Floating Within - 31 Oct 2014

The Chinese University of Hong Kong's Dennis Lo is working on a way to spot cancer using cell-free DNA.

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That's One Way to Go - 31 Oct 2014

New head of Australian research agency says to explore water dowsing.

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This Week in Science - 31 Oct 2014

In Science this week: genetic factors seem to influence Ebola infection outcomes, and more.

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Share the Code - 30 Oct 2014

In an editorial, Nature calls for greater sharing of computer code.

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Electric DNA - 30 Oct 2014

Researchers report on conducting a charge through a long DNA molecule.

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Ounce of Prevention - 30 Oct 2014

Researchers say that genome sequencing has a role in cancer prevention strategies.

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This Week in Nature - 30 Oct 2014

In Nature this week: new approach to find genetic changes in autoimmune disease, and more.

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Google to Scan Human Body for Inklings of Disease - 29 Oct 2014

Using nanoparticles and a wearable sensor, a Google X project hopes to monitor users' blood for early signs of disease.

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Human Knockouts - 29 Oct 2014

Researchers release data on trove of natural human "knockouts."

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This Week in Nucleic Acids Research - 29 Oct 2014

In Nucleic Acids Research this week: database of integrating genome-wide methylation data, Mouse Genome Database features, and more.

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Microbiome No Cure-all - 28 Oct 2014

As ideas about the role of bacteria in the microbiome shift, so do claims about health.

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Balance of Males and Females - 28 Oct 2014

Researchers respond to the new sex equality policy at the US National Institutes of Health.

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Sorta Safe and Secure - 28 Oct 2014

Pharmalot's Ed Silverman wonders how secure the Food and Drug Administration computer system is.

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Top stories: Scary science, tiny tummies, and asteroid avalanches - 31 Oct 2014

This week’s top science news

China pulls plug on solar observatory - 31 Oct 2014

KuaFu lost international backers; Europe undertaking similar mission

European Union's pairing plan for science proves popular - 31 Oct 2014

Commission receives 169 proposals to team up low-performing regions with elite research centers

See glass half empty? Your diet may be in trouble - 31 Oct 2014

Study finds people pour more drink into skinny glasses when they focus on how much empty space is left

Even online, you can't have more than 150 friends - 31 Oct 2014

Sci-fi game allows researchers to test the limits of our human relationships

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