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To Catch a Predatory Publisher - 29 Aug 2014

Legal action probably isn't an option for combating predatory scientific publishing, which means academics must carefully vet journals that offer to publish their work.

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Stem Cell Scandal - 29 Aug 2014

Riken fails to replicate scandalous stem cell technique, plans reboot for tainted center.

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Flawed Analysis Feud - 29 Aug 2014

An academic tussle breaks out over gene expression and happiness.

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This Week in Science - 29 Aug 2014

In Science this week: Ebola virus genomes, transdisciplinary research barriers.

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Producing Reproducibility - 28 Aug 2014

A new initiative will tackle the reproducibility problem.

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Keeping up with the Pathogens - 28 Aug 2014

The US government takes steps to address a recent spate of serious biosafety lapses.

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This Week in Nature - 28 Aug 2014

In Nature this week: ENCODE and modENCODE results, and honeybee genomes.

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Primetime Bioethics - 28 Aug 2014

A TV production company is working up a drama about bioethical conundrums.

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Sequencing to Go - 27 Aug 2014

Portable DNA sequencing is coming, but there will be kinks to work out.

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This Week in Cell - 27 Aug 2014

In Cell this week: cancer subtypes, metabolic gene expression, and more.

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R&D Concentration - 27 Aug 2014

A majority of US corporate R&D happens in 10 states.

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Traveling Genome - 27 Aug 2014

The Smithsonian's genomics exhibit will tour the country.

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Cheaper Sequencing, Higher Costs? - 26 Aug 2014

Will genome sequencing prod healthcare costs upward?

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Indian ecologists decry decision on biodiversity hot spot - 1 Sep 2014

Government opts for less protective plan to safeguard the species-rich Western Ghats

Asteroid paper to be retracted because of faulty analysis - 1 Sep 2014

Authors on a paper from the Hayabusa mission jumped to conclusions in interpreting data

Were Neandertals cave artists, too? - 1 Sep 2014

Etchings found in Gibraltar cave suggest our close relatives were capable of abstract art

Disease modelers project a rapidly rising toll from Ebola - 31 Aug 2014

Until the current outbreak, mathematical epidemiologists had rarely modeled the spread of the virus

Top stories: Walking fish, alien water clouds, and erasing memories - 29 Aug 2014

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