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Geonomics & Science News


Just Look Within - 19 Sep 2014

Researchers are examining the human microbiome to search for new antibiotics.

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To Tide Over - 19 Sep 2014

The US Congress approves a stopgap spending bill that would fund the federal government through the middle of December.

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Shock to the System - 19 Sep 2014

A column in the New York Times calls for changes to the scientific publishing system.

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This Week in Science - 19 Sep 2014

In Science this week: transmission of epigenetic states, and more.

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Measuring Celebrity Scientists - 18 Sep 2014

A suggestion that many of today's notable scientists focus on communicating more than working in the lab.

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Lab Equality - 18 Sep 2014

While society and the lab may be more welcoming to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals, challenges of course remain.

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Source of the Fever - 18 Sep 2014

DNA sequencing uncovered a mutation responsible for a man's high fevers and his son's death.

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This Week in Nature - 18 Sep 2014

In Nature this week: European population history; Bacterium associated with Cholera recovery.

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Then Again - 17 Sep 2014

23andMe reverses course on its plan to opt users into its relative finder program, Vox reports.

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Science Advocates Call for Budget Boost. Again - 17 Sep 2014

A new report calls for increasing R&D spending in the US.

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Newly Crowned 'Geniuses' - 17 Sep 2014

The MacArthur Foundation has announced its 2014 fellows.

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This Week in Genome Research - 17 Sep 2014

In Genome Research this week: potential fitness effects of ancient gene duplications, chromatin interaction analysis by paired-end tag sequencing, and more.

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Microbial Approach to Better Crops - 16 Sep 2014

Researchers are focusing on the microbial community of plants to improve crops.

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For these monkeys, more dietary fiber is a bad thing - 19 Sep 2014

Loss of protein could lead to significant declines in primate populations

ANALYSIS: Everyone is well-behaved at DOE 'family' picnic - 19 Sep 2014

First-ever National Lab Day includes launch of new Senate caucus to support laboratories

U.N. Security Council passes historic resolution to confront Ebola - 18 Sep 2014

Record number of countries agree that the epidemic is a threat to peace and security

NIH officials cleared of interfering in oversight of preemie study - 18 Sep 2014

HHS inspector general finds that consultation with other federal officials was acceptable

Bad bugs inspire White House task force and $20 million prize - 18 Sep 2014

Administration calls for action plan and better diagnostics for antibiotic-resistant infections

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