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Geonomics & Science News


The Transparent Factor - 30 Jul 2014

Thomson Reuters says it is being more transparent in how it calculates its impact factor metric, but critics are looking for other ways to gauge scientific impact.

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Staying Well - 30 Jul 2014

The Resilience Project aims to tease out why some people with disease-causing mutations don't become ill.

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Cave of Bones - 30 Jul 2014

Researchers hope to collect fossils and ancient DNA from a sinkhole that trapped a number of animals tens of thousands of years ago.

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This Week in Cell - 30 Jul 2014

In Cell this week: CHD8 mutation-related autism spectrum disorder, algorithm to analyze gene interactions and biological pathways, and more.

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Here's a Good Level - 29 Jul 2014

A senator proposes a minimum budget level for the National Institutes of Health.

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Rewriting Epigenetics - 29 Jul 2014

Researchers link in utero exposure to tobacco smoke to epigenetic changes.

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"Because I'm Happy…" - 29 Jul 2014

Economists tie happiness levels to genes, particularly ones common in Denmark.

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This Week in PNAS - 29 Jul 2014

In PNAS this week: lncRNAs in developing heart tissue, 5-hydroxymethylcytosine patterns during T-cell development, and more.

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The Google Study - 28 Jul 2014

Google embarks on a data-rich project to see what a 'baseline' healthy person looks like.

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Defining Genetic Modification - 28 Jul 2014

The UK's redefinition of 'genetic modification' has drawn complaints of dishonesty.

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So Many Letters - 28 Jul 2014

Non-governmental and scientific organizations spar over the chief scientific adviser position at the European Commission.

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This Week in PLOS - 28 Jul 2014

In PLOS this week: population admixture in Cuba, Vibrio cholera clades, and more.

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That Tiny Little Bit? - 25 Jul 2014

Oxford researchers calculate that less than 10 percent of the human genome is functional.

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Octopus supermom sets egg-brooding record - 30 Jul 2014

Forsaking food, she protects her clutch for 4.5 years

Unexpected stem cell factories found inside teeth - 30 Jul 2014

Discovery could lead to new source of stem cells for research and treatment

Key narcolepsy–influenza vaccine findings retracted - 30 Jul 2014

Stanford researchers unable to replicate findings linking immune response to sleep disorder

How the moon got its shape - 30 Jul 2014

Earth's gravity deformed our satellite and even shifted its poles

The awesome strength of a hummingbird - 29 Jul 2014

Wing length-to-width ratio explains its tremendous efficiency

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