Geonomics & Science News

Geonomics & Science News


Top stories: Why we love dogs, the world’s oldest tools, and Saturn superstorms - 17 Apr 2015

A roundup of some of our favorite stories of the week

Inbred wolf population on Isle Royale collapses - 17 Apr 2015

But biologists have begun tracking wolves’ forays to a new island

U.S. House weighs in with its version of chemical regulation reform - 17 Apr 2015

Panel holds first hearing on TSCA reform bill

Resistance to antibiotics found in isolated Amazonian tribe - 17 Apr 2015

Villagers evolved antibiotic resistance without being exposed to Western medicine

Head of Portuguese science foundation leaves under a cloud - 17 Apr 2015

President Miguel Seabra resigns amid criticism of research centers' evaluation process

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