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Geonomics & Science News


The Town's New Project - 23 Jul 2014

A town contributes to personalized medicine.

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Search for the Cause - 23 Jul 2014

Doggedness, genome sequencing, and the Internet were able to bring together children with a certain genetic disorder and their families.

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Scripps' Marletta to Resign - 23 Jul 2014

The Scripps Research Institute president is to step down.

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This Week in Genome Research - 23 Jul 2014

In Genome Research this week: characterization of pests from the Eimeria genus, chondrosarcoma mutations, and more.

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World-changing Gene Drives - 22 Jul 2014

Gene drives are closer to reality, but regulations may need to jump ahead of the technology, scientists say.

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Be Gone - 22 Jul 2014

Researchers report using CRISPR/Cas9 to edit latent HIV infections out of cells.

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The 'Maze' of Schizophrenia Genes - 22 Jul 2014

An international group of researchers links more than 100 loci to schizophrenia risk.

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This Week in PNAS - 22 Jul 2014

In PNAS this week: rare variants for Noonan syndrome, cyanobacterium without photosynthesis genes, and more.

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Marrett To Leave NSF - 21 Jul 2014

Cora Marrett is stepping down as deputy director of the US National Science Foundation.

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The Algal Way - 21 Jul 2014

The US Department of Energy awards funding for algal-based biofuels.

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This Week in PLOS - 21 Jul 2014

In PLOS this week: exome data and pharmacological response profiles of cancer cell lines, and more.

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Just Needs Tenants - 18 Jul 2014

In-fighting has delayed a project aimed at luring biotech to New York City, but the Wall Street Journal reports that the situation may now be improving.

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The Sound of Inevitability - 18 Jul 2014

Speakers at MedCity's Converge conference say personalized medicine is on its way.

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Planetary scientists welcome NASA plea for Europa concepts - 23 Jul 2014

Space agency looking to advance 15 to 20 ideas for instruments that would study Jupiter's icy moon

Drool makes grass safe to eat - 22 Jul 2014

Saliva inhibits toxic fungus

White lies keep society intact - 22 Jul 2014

Small fibs bring communities closer together

Had there been no Higgs boson, this observation would have been the bomb - 22 Jul 2014

Rare interaction was guaranteed to misbehave if "God particle" had been a no-show

Offshore wind farms become magnets for hungry seals - 22 Jul 2014

Animals are drawn to prey that gather around these structures

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