Geonomics & Science News

Geonomics & Science News


E.U. Commission wants to divert Horizon 2020 money into new investment fund - 27 Nov 2014

Universities warn against using science funds for "highly uncertain" plan to stimulate European economy

The first new Ebola vaccine moves closer to real-world test - 26 Nov 2014

GSK's vaccine passes muster in early-stage clinical trials

U.S. introduces new rules for curbing smog-producing ozone - 26 Nov 2014

Proposal reprises earlier plan shelved by Obama

Multiple boosts for cancer immunotherapy - 26 Nov 2014

New studies show how to unleash the immune system on more cancers and how to predict who will benefit

Cows with human chromosomes enlisted to fight hantavirus - 26 Nov 2014

Researchers have genetically engineered cows to produce human antibodies against the deadly hantavirus and possibly other diseases

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