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From the Skin, hESCs - 18 Apr 2014

Researchers report advance in somatic cell nuclear transfer to generate embryonic stem cells.

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Cautiously Optimistic - 18 Apr 2014

People in the US are warily optimistic about technological and scientific advances.

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This Week in Science - 18 Apr 2014

In Science this week: Neanderthal and Denisovan methylation maps, and more.

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Synthetic Futures - 17 Apr 2014

The synthetic biology game is starting to heat up.

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Its Own Strain - 17 Apr 2014

A genetic analysis of the Ebola virus causing the West African outbreak indicates it evolved in parallel to nearby strains.

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Stress of the Father - 17 Apr 2014

Mice that experience trauma have altered microRNA expression that is passed on to their progeny.

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This Week in Nature - 17 Apr 2014

In Nature this week: Down's syndrome analysis, and more.

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Systemic Overhaul Needed - 16 Apr 2014

Researchers argue that the US biomedical research system is broken and needs to be fixed.

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DNA or Pap? - 16 Apr 2014

Some women's health groups are urging FDA to shrug off committee's advice and not approve HPV test.

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The Insurance Question - 16 Apr 2014

The New York Times asks whether life, disability, and long-term care insurance companies should be prohibited from seeing genetic testing results.

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This Week in Nucleic Acids Research - 16 Apr 2014

In Nucleic Acids Research this week: web server for predicting, profiling protein backbone movements; multiplexed direct genomic selection; and more.

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Varying Risk - 15 Apr 2014

The APOE4 allele may confer a greater risk of Alzheimer's disease on women.

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Living on Mars? - 15 Apr 2014

Could genome tinkering help humans survive voyages in space, or even life on other planets?

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NIH's New Grant Policy, an Earth-Like Alien World, and 'Unsustainable' Biomedical Research - 18 Apr 2014

A roundup of some of our favorite stories of the week

ScienceShot: New Stem Cells a Genetic Match for Adults - 18 Apr 2014

Technique could be used in new treatments for Parkinson's disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis

'Carnivorous Ballet' Helps Cheetahs Coexist With Lions - 18 Apr 2014

But wild dogs in Africa's Serengeti suffer when lions surge

China's Soil Woes in Sharper Focus - 18 Apr 2014

New details emerge about widespread contamination

ScienceShot: Teen Drivers More Likely to Crash Due to Noisy Friends Than to Cellphones - 18 Apr 2014

Study finds that collisions and near misses increase most with passenger distraction

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