Geonomics & Science News

Geonomics & Science News


Rock-paper-scissors may explain evolutionary 'games' in nature - 29 May 2015

When players can change tactics, the game loops endlessly between the three weapons

Podcast: Yeast with human genes, gender bias in science, and the impact of climate change on tea - 29 May 2015

Listen to a roundup of some of our favorite stories from the week

Cancer immunotherapy takes aim at mutation-riddled tumors - 29 May 2015

Small study suggests more patients than previously thought can benefit from new drugs

Top stories: Supersized fruit, a new human ancestor, and cancer-sniffing bacteria - 29 May 2015

This week’s top science news

E.U. trims Horizon 2020 but spares European Research Council - 29 May 2015

Commission decides to use €2.2 billion in research money for a new European investment fund

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