MicroRNA Overview

Ocean Ridge Bioscience's MicroRNA Profiling Service combines high quality microarrays, a reproducible laboratory process, in-depth analysis services, and the best pricing in the industry. ORB's labeling chemistry and hybridization process have been optimized to minimize RNA input requirements. The sensitivity of ORB's microRNA array system enables profiling of microRNA from specimens containing less then 100 nanograms of total RNA including human and rat serum samples, isolated microvesicles, flow-sorted immune cells, and laser-captured microdissected samples. ORB has developed a complete suite of reproducible protocols for isolation, quality assessment, and microarray-based microRNA analysis of RNA from biofluids. The company also has implemented standardized protocols for profiling of microRNA from formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue. Complementing ORB's laboratory capability for microRNA analysis, the company also provides flexible and comprehensive services for statistical and pathway analysis of microRNA expression data. These capabilities in combination with competitive pricing make ORB a leader in provision of microRNA profiling services and the best solution for effective use of your research funds.


  • Reproducible, Sensitive, and Specific
  • Competitive Cost
  • Customized Data Analysis Included
  • Excellent Customer Service

Available Microarrays

Version 9.0 Multispecies MicroRNA Array
ORB's version 9.0 multispecies microarray provides full coverage of mirBASE version 19, including 2,040 Human, 1,280 Mouse, and 723 Rat mature and minor form(*) microRNAs. The array is triplicate spotted and contains 46 control probes enabling the monitoring of sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility for every sample hybridized. The array has excellent within experiment reproducibility and also is backward compatible with ORB's previous microarray versions, providing the researcher with the ability to compare current data with previous studies.

Affymetrix GeneChip miRNA 4.0 Array
Affymetrix GeneChip miRNA 4.0 microarray contains 34,194 probe sets providing complete coverage of mature and pre-microRNA in human, mouse, and rat. The array also contains 1,996 probe sets to cover additional non-coding human small RNA such as snoRNA, CDBox RNA, H/ACA Box RNA, and scaRNA. For more detailed information on the GeneChip miRNA 4.0 array including specific coverage information for the model organism of your choice, refer to the attached datasheet.

All ORB MicroRNA Arrays Feature:

  • Spotted in triplicate
  • 28 negative controls
  • 12 mismatch controls
  • 11 spiking controls

MicroRNA Profiling Service Pricing

List Pricing for Service Using ORB's Version 9.0 (mirBASE 19) Multispecies MicroRNA Array

Number of SamplesORB Price per SampleCompetitor
6-11 $521 $795
12-23 $470 ND
24-47 $421 ND

Please download our latest price sheet for info on volume discounts. Standard service includes evaluation of RNA sample quality, DNase digestion, purification of low molecular weight RNA, labeling, hybridization, quality control report, and a full data analysis package. All materials are included. There are no extra charges. For pricing on Affymetrix miRNA 4.0 array, contact us through the web response form.


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