mRNA Sequencing

mRNA Sequencing

ORB provides open-platform gene expression profiling on the Illumina HiSeq 2000 and 2500 Sequencing Systems with the sequencing method, coverage, and analysis strategy tailored to fit individual project requirements. Depending on the client application, ORB utilizes library preparation kits from Nugen and Illumina or additional proprietary methods to generate unbiased cDNA libraries with high coverage uniformity. Customers may submit as little as 5 nanograms of RNA, or can benefit from a low cost flat rate service if able to submit a minimum of 2 ug of RNA. ORB backs up its laboratory mRNA sequencing service with full data processing and a complete gene-level data analysis report that is included in our standard service. Alternatively, a wide range of affordable custom data analysis services are available to fit the requirements of nearly any project.

ORB offers a complete service package from RNA through data analysis report at a low flat-rate per sample for standard RNA input (>2 ug) projects in human, mouse, and rat. Contact us today to receive a quote for your project!

Sample Data Set

ORB scientists have developed a well-documented and tested software pipeline for processing and analysis of mRNA sequencing data on its high-performance computing cluster. A variety of options are offered in order to customize the analysis to meet our client’s experimental objectives. Results package of a sample dataset is provided in .zip archive format; to download the package click on the PowerPoint slide image.

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Highlights of ORB's RNA-Seq Service Capabilities

  • Extraction of RNA from a wide variety of tissues and cells including extremely limited source material.
  • Routinely process input RNA amounts of 5-10 nanograms.
  • Flexibility to produce RNA-Seq libraries using a variety of commercial kits available from Nugen, Epicentre, Illumina and others.
  • Low flat-rate pricing for routine mRNA sequencing that is comparable to microarrays.
  • Fully customizable sequencing depth and read length.
  • Advanced bioinformatics capabilities including de novo transcriptome assembly, non-coding RNA analysis, and more.
  • Solid data analysis and presentation capabilities include alternative splicing analysis, linear and logistic regression modeling, and generation of predictive models.

Please view our mRNA sequencing data analysis page for more information about ORB's standard analysis pipeline and additional capabilities.

ORB will gladly support your RNA-Seq projects with challenging or unique requirements. Whether its sequencing of immunoprecipitated RNA, sequencing of RNA from subcellular compartments, or ultra-low input situations we welcome the opportunity to work with you! We look forward to hearing from you about your unique project.

To request a quote for your RNA-Seq project, please call 561-223-3152 or utilize the ORB Contact Form.

Flat-Rat Service Package Includes:

  • RNA sample quality control and report with the option to replace any unsuitable samples
  • Library preparation using Nugen Encore Complete or Illumina Truseq kits
  • Minimum of 39 million 50 nt paired-end sequencing reads per sample
  • Library and sequencing data quality control report.
  • FASTQ sequence files and BAM alignment files for each sample
  • Standard gene-level data analysis package which includes:
    (a) Annotated tables containing the counts of sequence reads mapped to each gene (RPKM units), statistical analysis results (ANOVA and Tukey tests)and fold-changes.
    (b) Hierarchical clustering.
    (c) PCA analysis.
    (d) Brief PowerPoint summary of the analysis method and results.
    (e) Annotated data tables containing raw gene and exon-level read counts.

    Input files and instructions for viewing alignments of sequence reads to the genome are available for a small extra per-sample charge.

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