RNA Sequencing

RNA Sequencing

RNA Sequencing at ORB

ORB provides both mRNA and small RNA sequencing using the Illumina NextSeq, HiSeq 2500 and 4000 instruments and Illumina's sequencing by synthesis (SBS) technology. Illumina's SBS system is the most versatile and widely adopted platform for ultrahigh-throughput sequencing.

ORB focuses on removing the barriers of access to this exciting technology for clients by including comprehensive data analysis with our services and by taking full advantage of Illumina's multiplexing capability to minimize per sample cost.

ORB routinely partners with researchers worldwide in order to execute challenging RNA sequencing applications such as sequencing of RNA from immunoprecipitated RNA-protein complexes, and sequencing of small RNA from ultra-low input material. Please Contact Us today to discuss your challenging project.

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