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NIDA Director outlines potential risks to people who smoke and use drugs during COVID-19 pandemic
The piece raises several important concerns regarding COVID-19 for specific vulnerable populations.
National Institutes of Health, 2020-04-11 01:00:00

Space Biology: A Road to the Moon, Mars, and Beyond
It’s an exciting time in the field of space travel research. In 2019, SpaceX launched its Dragon spacecraft and Boeing launched its CST-100 Starliner. Both are designed to one day carry human passengers to their destination and home again. These launches represent a critical milestone towards NASA’s return to launching American astronauts to space from American soil using American commercial spacecraft.
ORB Company Blog, 2020-02-26 22:19:00

Promising vaccine patch candidate for COVID-19
In a breath of fresh air, scientists from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine reported that they had developed a potential new vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is causing the current COVID-19 pandemic. The vaccine has been tested in mice. When administered through a small patch only the size of a fingertip, the vaccine was found to generate protective neutralizing antibodies against the virus, in adequate quantities.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-04-02 23:51:00

Magnetic stimulation of rectal nerves could help treat fecal incontinence
An ongoing study by the Medical College of Georgia on the role of magnetic stimulation of the rectal nerves to achieve better bowel control in patients with fecal incontinence is showing early promise. The technique is called translumbosacral neuromodulation therapy, or TNT.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-04-02 23:35:18

Starving pancreatic cancer cells of cysteine may induce tumor ferroptosis
A new study from Columbia University Irving Medical Center and the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center suggests a compound in development for a rare kidney stone disease may have potential against pancreatic cancer.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-04-02 22:45:14

Trial drug could potentially inhibit COVID-19, study shows
A drug already tested against lung disease could potentially inhibit COVID-19 by reducing the coronavirus load that enters the lungs and other organs.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-04-02 22:34:40

Designing face shields to protect healthcare workers treating COVID-19 patients
The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented need to provide personal protective equipment for hospital staff.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-04-02 22:27:11

COVID-19: Clinical Pathways to Pandemic Relief
By Graeme Gardner, Ph.D.
ORB Company Blog, 2020-03-26 19:58:16

AI to predict risk of an individual patient's need for ventilator
As coronavirus patients are hospitalized, it is difficult for doctors to predict which of them will require intensive care and a respirator. Many different factors come into play, some yet to be fully understood by doctors.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-04-02 22:24:24

Studies shed light on the link between obesity and use of prescription opioids
Two new studies from the Boston University School of Public Health shed light on the relationship between obesity and the use of prescription opioids in the United States.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-04-02 22:21:13

New study overturns ‘snapshot’ model of cell cycle accepted since 1974
Cells have a big decision: Should they replicate or sleep? Healthy cells can go either way. Cancer cells' replication switches are stuck in the 'on' position.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-04-02 22:11:36